Control and check bank fraud detection with ERP data analytics

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Design and Implementation of a Computerized Fraud Detection in a Bank using ERP Data Analytics

  • Conducting proper due diligence while conducting banking transactions or interacting with the bank’s authorized representatives.
  • Analyzing usage patterns of customers with regards to their personal, savings account, credit card account and personal loan accounts to spot anomalies in transaction flows or irregular purchase patterns.

  • Pattern analysis of average balances, number of bounced checks and other customer attributes that can help detect potential check fraud.
  • Identify cash transactions just below regulatory reporting thresholds
  • Identify statistically unusual numbers of cash transfers by customer and bank account.
  • Locate check forgery or falsification of loan applications and identifying missing, duplicate, void, or out of sequence check numbers
  • Staying current with new fraudulent activities that may breach the organisation’s security measures.

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