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Customers who are likely to endorse or recommend your brand also have a need to be seen as part of a shared experience – Says Jeff Auker, Director PwC

Customer Engagement is often seen as an end to be achieved by organisations. It’s actually a means to an end. A really successful Customer Engagement Strategy should turn your customers into advocates of all that you have to offer.

With the rise of internet, smartphones & social networking platforms, how customers perceive your brand has become all the more important. A customer starts building an opinion of your offerings even before he has actually used, purchased or experienced one of your products. Those of you who are in the habit of comparing products or reading reviews online would surely agree.

Organisations are catching up fast and adapting to this reality of customer engagement. They are coming up with new ways of keeping their customers engaged. One of Dubai based bank has come up with an innovative app for iPhones that rewards customers with higher interest rates on their savings account linked to number of steps they walk or run in a day. You can see some details here: ENBD Fitness Account

There are many ways to keep your customers engaged online: Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Email Marketing, Blogging, Third party review websites, Mobile Apps and much more. These Social Marketing tools or apps will also keep innovating themselves and business organisations need to adapt to those changes so as to extract maximum benefit, as the old adage goes

“Change is the only Constant”

They key to successful digital engagement is to view these platforms not just as platforms but “tools”. Most of the businesses today completely miss on the opportunities that these tools give them. They use it merely to update their customers and society at large about their recent achievements, product innovations or to create a pre launch hype. However, if these “tools” are used well, they can provide organisations with deep insights about their current & prospective customers. Engaging a customer had never been so easy before the invention of smartphones or the internet. Now, all it takes is an internet based device, a suitable interactive platform and just a few clicks or scrolls.

I would like to share with you some useful articles available in public domain that can give you ideas to better engage with your customers: Engagement Strategies – Forbes & Harnessing Technology

In current times, customer’s always connected status offers you abundant opportunities to engage, to condition and to advocate for you. However, it also provides them with numerable opportunities to skip you and go to your competitor with just a tap of their finger. As such an effective digital engagement strategy can become a key differentiator. Think of innovative offerings, personalised offerings, add value to the customer beyond his transactional requirements from you, become a part of his life, and enjoy benefits of that relationship.

As Danyl Bosomworth from smart insights puts it in his article 7 BIG questions to drive customer engagement:

“The R in ROI is always in the eye of the beholder, not everything has to be commercially oriented. Generate insights about your customer, is he satisfied with your products or services, is he likely to recommend you to his network of people. How they perceive you is more important than how or how much do they transact with you.”

UAE based banks have always been at the forefront of harnessing technology to improve their value proposition. You can read some of their initiatives below.

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