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Aim high – with SAP software for higher education and research

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Graduate to the next level of performance – with best-in-class software to help your higher education or research institution run better. Boost your international ranking and reputation through improved student engagement, research outcomes, and financial processes. Drive leadership and learning with better student information systems and education analytics. And cut costs by streamlining everything from research management to compliance.

Engage shoppers in the moment with SAP retail software

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Give consumers the products, information, and personalized shopping experiences they want – when and where they want them – with retail management and omnichannel commerce software from SAP. Harness real-time customer and point of sale (POS) insights, reach shoppers across any channel (including mobile), and get the visibility you need to optimize everything from merchandising to your supply chain.


Deliver the consumer products shoppers crave

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Align every aspect of your operations to the needs of next-gen consumers – from product development to retail – with SAP solutions for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Our software can help you anticipate, plan, and manage demand for innovative consumer goods and products, and surpass the expectations of even the savviest shoppers.


Inspire and shape the digital energy revolution in oil and gas

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The challenge of low oil and gas prices is driving companies to transform their businesses. The pace of business is as fast as it’s ever been, and it’s only continuing to accelerate. To compete and win in today’s market reality, companies must fundamentally transform their business models, processes and the IT operations that support both.


Grow your margins in industrial manufacturing

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Meet customer demand – profitably – with our software for the industrial manufacturing industry. No matter the size of your plant, or the type of your machinery and components, our solutions can help you reduce supply chain costs, accelerate cycle times, minimize scrap and re-work – and ultimately speed time to profit.

Lead the pack with SAP’s wholesale distribution software

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Proactively meet customer and supplier needs with SAP’s wholesale distribution software. Use the latest technology and analytics to improve everything from demand planning and CRM to inventory and supply chain management. Plan, source, stock, sell, recover, and analyze – all on one unified IT platform. And run flexible, tightly integrated processes to achieve operational excellence.

Inspire and shape a digital chemical world with SAP – deliver sustainable growth, performance and innovation

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Digital transformation will make the chemicals industry more reactive and responsive to market opportunities. Radically simplify your digital core and unite it with the limitless possibilities of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and business networks to enable a once-in-a-generation transformation.

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