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Gain better control over treasury management – and maximize visibility into cash flow, liquidity, and risk

Efficiently manage cash flow, payments, liquidity, and risk with treasury and cash management software from SAP. Our corporate finance solutions provide real-time visibility into exchange rates and working capital – and can help you automate treasury operations and related activities. Optimize cash forecasting, ensure adequate liquidity, improve financial risk management – and ensure compliance with global accounting regulations.

Simple tools provide a global view of treasury operations

To optimize working capital and effectively control cash, corporate treasury teams need up-to-the-minute visibility into cash positions. That’s why SAP S/4HANA Finance delivers a real-time view of cash flow and financial risk exposure across business units – and helps ensure adequate liquidity for growth.


Solution Capabilities

Payments and Bank Communications

Improve payment management and bank communications

Streamline and tightly control payment management and bank communications processes while boosting transparency – to lower fees and borrowing costs.

  • Simplify routing and approval processes with automated payment workflows
  • Secure proper approvals and documentation with rules-based workflows
  • Automate bank-to-book reconciliation to provide real-time intraday cash balances
  • Reduce reliance on banks and the need to transfer cash to regions
  • Shrink bank fees, borrowing costs, and unnecessary loan requests


 Cash and Liquidity Management

Gain real-time insight into global cash and liquidity management

Source cash and liquidity data from multiple systems to improve business forecasting and the financial health of your business.

  • Access your global bank balances in real time
  • Get greater visibility into cash flow
  • Centrally manage bank accounts and administration
  • Accelerate cash transfer processes for worldwide operations
  • Automate cash and liquidity management to reduce demand for cash, banking fees, and borrowing costs


Debt and Investment Management

Implement strategies that cut borrowing rates and investment costs – and fuel profitable growth

Optimize capital structure and get competitive interest rates on short-term debt financing – by balancing debt trade-offs against equity, risk, and returns.

  • Automate transaction posting and position reporting
  • Quickly generate financial compliance reports
  • Gain timely insight into available cash to maximize returns on investment



Financial Risk Management

Protect assets and cash flows from financial risks

Accurately assess and mitigate financial risks so you can confidently manage the market and limit exposure to solvency issues.

  • Model the severity of risks under a variety of scenarios
  • Leverage real-time insight into risk positions
  • Develop effective hedge accounting strategies that comply with U.S. GAAP and IFRS standards

Commodity Risk Management

Practice effective commodity risk management

Identify, quantify, and mitigate exposure to foreign-exchange and commodity price risks – and better navigate commodity procurement and sales processes.

  • Get analytics views into risk positions, calculations of mark to market, and value at risk
  • Create and update commodity risk positions in real time
  • Monitor and cut price risks from core business operations with appropriate hedging


Trasury fast deployment

Fast-track SAP deployment

Go live with SAP treasury management functionality in a few short weeks – with our rapid-deployment solutions. These preconfigured software and service packages can help you tightly control complex processes for managing cash flow, liquidity, and risk.

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