Financial Operations

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 Run highly efficient financial operations and accounting

Automate and streamline all corporate finance processes within your organization – with financial operations and accounting software from SAP. Our solutions can help you dramatically improve efficiency for accounts receivable and payable, invoicing, travel and expense management, purchasing, and more. Harness real-time insights anywhere – so you can monitor budgets, control costs, and swiftly respond to fluctuating market dynamics.


Transform Finance Operations

Learn how digitization is enabling companies to significantly transform their finance operations by simplifying, automating, and accelerating core processes—resulting in a step-change increase in efficiency.

Solution Capabilities

Receivables Management

Leverage automated, integrated, and collaborative receivables management processes

Streamline all financial accounting operations related to accounts receivables, including billing, customer service – and managing disputes, collections, and customer credit risk.

  • Harmonize receivables management processes to improve collaboration
  • Decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) and bad debt write-offs while maintaining service quality
  • Ensure cash is on hand to fund business operations and new growth opportunities


Invoice Management and Accounts Payable

Simplify accounts payables and invoice management

Gain tighter control over invoice management processes to boost cash flow and payment visibility, cut costs, minimize fraud – and improve vendor relations, pricing, and payment terms.

  • Integrate electronic documents and e-invoices into your accounts payable process
  • Use automated exception handling, validation, and routing to reduce costs
  • Improve overall invoice management – tracking, accuracy, and timely delivery


Travel and Expense Management

Connect travel and expense management processes with accounts payable and cash management processes

  • Optimize business travel expenses and invoice management with integrated cloud-based services.
  • Connect travel expenses wherever it happens to give organizations complete visibility into their spend.
  • Support an effective travel management program through greater compliance, enhanced traveler experiences, and optimized spend.


Real Estate Management

Manage your real estate assets in a simple way – and improve overall and financial operations

Optimize your real estate assets, manage all aspects of your portfolio and leases – and improve financial and overall operations.

  • Plan investments, monitor construction projects, and examine asset costs across their entire lifecycle
  • Reduce vacancies and better execute planned and unplanned maintenance items
  • Connect building systems and dashboards to improve environmental facility operations


Financial Shared Services

Up productivity, ensure compliance, and cut operational costs

Support efficient, scalable financial operations with automation and service execution across disparate systems, departments, and processes.

  • Boost cross-departmental visibility
  • Automate core finance transaction processing across various locations
  • Deliver high-quality service with less effort, and at the lowest operational cost
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