SAP Industry by Lines of Business

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1. Asset Management:

• Overview:
 Maximize ROA with superior enterprise asset management (EAM)
 Efficiently manage the entire asset lifecycle with world-class enterprise asset management software from SAP. With real-time visibility into asset performance and powerful analytics, it’s easier to optimize asset usage, shrink costs, better manage capital expenditures, and ultimately maximize your return on assets (ROA) – including fixed property, plant, and equipment
• Environment, Health and Safety:
 Comprehensive Environment, Health, and Safety Solutions
 Help ensure safety and business continuity by reducing environment, health, and safety risks
 Mitigate environment, health, and safety risks by performing thorough risk assessments, measuring and reporting emissions, designing effective controls, and communicating safe work practices. By testing these controls, capturing incidents, and learning from events, your organization can support intelligent change and continuous improvement.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Incident Management
 Health and Safety Management
 Environment Management
 Management of Change
 Maintenance Safety and Permit to Work

• Asset Network:
 Asset Network Solutions
 Optimize asset information by collaborating on asset data, predictive maintenance, procurement of spares and services
 Take advantage of market-leading applications and technology to streamline asset management. The solution capabilities of the asset network support the transformation to the digital world, enable new business models, and help companies gain a competitive advantage through increased speed, transparency, and insights.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Asset Information Collaboration
 Asset Information Governance
 Predictive Maintenance and Service

• Asset Operations and Maintenance
 Asset Operations and Maintenance Solutions
 Optimize asset performance with retention and restoration maintenance
 Stay competitive by getting the most out of your assets with asset operation and maintenance software from SAP. With the right systems and processes in place, your organization can help ensure uptime and safety, mitigate risks, and reduce maintenance costs. As a result, your asset operations and maintenance programs can encompass a series of steps that help ensure an asset retains, or will be restored to, a state in which it can perform its designated function.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Asset Strategy and Performance
 Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
 Maintenance Execution
 Mobile Asset Management

2. Commerce:

• Overview:
 Grow sales with omnichannel digital commerce software
 Deliver a contextual and personalized omnichannel shopping experience with e-commerce, m-commerce, and social commerce software from SAP Hybris. Take advantage of data-driven customization, cost-effective order management and fulfillment, real-time inventory management, and more. Or if you’re running a small business, go with SAP Anywhere – CRM and shopping cart software for SMEs.

• Subscription Billing and Revenue Management:
 Monetize digital transformation through high-volume, subscription billing and revenue management
 Play to win in today’s digital services marketplace with software for high-volume, subscription billing and revenue management. Our software can help you:
 Exploit fast-moving market opportunities by quickly changing customer pricing and partner revenue-sharing models
 Launch customer-centric subscription offers that set you apart from competitors
 Ramp up efficiency to integrate the order-to-cash process and deliver low TCO
 Improve visibility from customer management to revenue recognition
 Solution Capabilities:
 Subscription Order Management
 Pricing Simulation
 Billing Mediation
 Service Control
 Pricing and Charging
 Invoicing
 Flexible Solution Billing
 Digital Documents
 Receivables Management and Payment Handling
 Credit and Collection Management
 Financial Customer Care and Dispute Management
• Data Management and Omnichannel Commerce:
 Gain a single view of your customers, products, and order activity in a central hub designed for customer engagement.
 Unify customer, product, and order information from multiple sources and across all channels with master data management software from SAP Hybris. Give business users intuitive access to consistent and comprehensive information on one platform. Increase responsiveness with centralized data consolidation and a business-focused approach to master data management. Shorten product launch cycles, streamline operations, and reduce cost with a flexible, extensible data model.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Marketing Profile
 Localization and Internationalization
 Digital Asset Management
 Worlflow and Collaboration
 Data Aggregation and Validation
• Omnichannel Commerce:
 Drive customer engagement and sales to deliver a digital omnichannel commerce experience from discovery to order
 Engage your customers in a contextual experience that matches their expectations and drives sales. Our digital omnichannel commerce management software can help you:
 Create a seamless and highly personalized customer experience across every channel and touch point – and make it consistent from initial order to final fulfillment
 Consolidate sales, management, and service onto a single platform that’s designed for omnichannel commerce and puts the customer first
 Solution capabilities:
 Product Content and Catalog Management
 Omnichannel Customer Experience
 Search and Navigation
 Bundling, Configuration and Subscription Management
 Pricing and Promotions
 Digital Merchandising
 Marketing Recommendations
 Order Orchestration and Management
 Commerce Industries
 Omnichannel Touch Points
 Remarketing

3. Finance:

• Overview:
 Financial management for digital business
 Adapt to modern, digitalized business models and create a competitive edge for your company – with financial management and accounting software from SAP. Our on-premise and cloud solutions support FP&A, financial close processes, treasury and risk management, financial operations, and GRC. We can help all types of corporate finance executives run their businesses today, and prepare for change in the future.
• Accounting and Financial Close:
 Achieve a faster, more compliant financial close and streamline accounting processes – with SAP
 Close the books quickly and accurately – and simplify financial reconciliation – with accounting and financial close software from SAP. Our solutions can help you consolidate financial accounting data, no matter how disparate, and gain a single source of financial truth. Get real-time insight into your financial close process, drill into details to quickly resolve delays – and create statements and disclosures that comply with financial reporting standards such as IFRS, U.S. GAAP, and others.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Accounting
 Entity Close
 Corporate Close
 Reporting and Disclosure
 Financial Close Governance
• Collaborative Finance Operations:
 Run highly efficient financial operations and accounting – with SAP
 Automate and streamline all corporate finance processes within your organization – with financial operations and accounting software from SAP. Our solutions can help you dramatically improve efficiency for accounts receivable and payable, invoicing, travel and expense management, purchasing, and more. Harness real-time insights anywhere – so you can monitor budgets, control costs, and swiftly respond to fluctuating market dynamics.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Receivable Management
 Invoice Management and Accounts Payable
 Travel and Expense Management
 Real Estate Management
 Financial Shared Services

• Governance, Risk, and Compliance:
 Reap the rewards of effective risk and compliance management – with less effort and expense
 Improve business performance and decrease the cost and effort of managing governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) processes with GRC solutions from SAP. Automate GRC processes using best practices and a scalable enterprise platform. By streamlining and automating processes, your organization can anticipate and manage risk events, reduce compliance violations, and extend GRC programs into value-adding business activities.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Enterprise Risk Management
 Controls and Compliance Management
 International Trade Management
 Fraud Management
 Audit Management

• Financial Planning and Analysis:
 Improve financial performance and control costs – with our software for financial planning and analysis
 Accelerate planning cycles and make decisions based on real-time financial insights – using FP&A software from SAP. Our solutions support strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, enterprise performance management (EPM), and more. They can help you increase profitability, track and control costs, and tightly align operations with business strategy. Use the latest technologies to adapt to changing market conditions – and seize new opportunities for growth.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Strategy Development and Transition
 Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
 Profitability and Cost Management
 Monitoring and Reporting

• Treasury Management:
 Gain better control over treasury management – and maximize visibility into cash flow, liquidity, and risk
 Efficiently manage cash flow, payments, liquidity, and risk with treasury and cash management software from SAP. Our corporate finance solutions provide real-time visibility into exchange rates and working capital – and can help you automate treasury operations and related activities. Optimize cash forecasting, ensure adequate liquidity, improve financial risk management – and ensure compliance with global accounting regulations.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Payments and Bank Communications
 Cash and Liquidity Management
 Debt and Investment Management
 Financial Risk Management
 Commodity Risk Management

4. Human Resources:

• Overview:
 Manage the modern workforce with our HCM software
 Empower, engage, and develop your talent – with human capital management (HCM) software from SAP SuccessFactors. Our cloud-based human resource management solutions support the needs of multi-generational, global, and contingent workforces. Use collaborative tools for onboarding, workforce scheduling, payroll, and more. And foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development for better business results.

• Core Human Resources and Payroll:
 Manage the modern workforce with our HCM software
 Empower, engage, and develop your talent – with human capital management (HCM) software from SAP SuccessFactors. Our cloud-based human resource management solutions support the needs of multi-generational, global, and contingent workforces. Use collaborative tools for onboarding, workforce scheduling, payroll, and more. And foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development for better business results.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Organizational Management
 People and Transactions
 Payroll Processing
 HR Shared Services
 Benefits
 Contingent Workforce

• Talent Management:
 Attract, develop, and retain the right talent for your business
 Improve employee engagement and business outcomes by attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent. Our comprehensive cloud-based talent solutions help simplify talent management, so HR professionals can proactively act, easily measure, and clearly communicate talent results and business
 Solution Capabilities:
 Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
 Onboarding
 Performance Management and Goals
 Compensation Management
 Succession Planning and Development
 Learning

• Time and Attendance Management:
 Improve workforce performance through optimized time-off management and time-sheet data
 Automate and accelerate your workforce time and attendance management processes. Empower employees to manage their time-related information with greater ease on their mobile device of choice. In turn, managers can access their team members’ information and quickly approve time-off requests. With time and attendance management solutions from SAP SuccessFactors, companies can facilitate absence planning and time recordkeeping of their employees.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Absence Management
 Time Sheet
 Time Capture
 Workforce Management

• Human Capital Analytics:
 Optimize business agility and results with human capital analytics
 Improve results and reduce risk by incorporating human capital analytics from SAP into everyday business decisions. With our software, you can:
 Access human capital analytics easily with prebuilt reports, dashboards, best practices, and industry benchmarks
 Gain clear insight and guidance by using workforce data with additional business and third-party data for each role in your organization
 Leverage workforce analytics and planning to optimize business and HR results
 Solution Capabilities:
 Workforce Analytics
 Workforce Planning
 Embedded Reporting and Insight
 Predictive Analytics

5. Manufacturing:

• Overview:
 Meet customer needs faster with SAP manufacturing software
 Collaborate with global networks and gain real-time visibility into your operations with SAP software for manufacturing. Our MES, MRP, and ERP solutions will help you optimize your entire process – from production planning, project management, process scheduling, and compliance, to mobile supply chain management – while shrinking total manufacturing costs.
• Manufacturing Networks:
 Find hidden production capacity in your existing resources for greater success
 Have the ability to scale up and down quickly based on market demand in a cost-effective way – with SAP software for production networks. Identify and resolve any issues across the extended supply chain to increase fulfillment of delivery commitments, manage changes to existing and new product introductions, and share process improvement ideas across your enterprise.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Digital Manufacturing Insights
 Demand and Supply Collaboration
 Product Genealogy
 Direct Manufacturing
 Collaborative Supply Network
• Manufacturing Operations:
 Increase process visibility and performance
 Improve your plan-to-produce process with SAP software for manufacturing operations. Execute batch-managed materials precisely with continuous, in-process control. Gain details on batch lifecycles and quantities with built-in reports, enabling product traceability. Enable production operators to better meet quality standards by using receipts and process instructions. Enhance decision making with automated transfer of production results and real-time updates on performance.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Constraint Based Production Planning
 Production Scheduling
 Basic Production Execution
 Production Warehouse
 Quality Management and Compliance
 Enterprise Performance Management

• Responsive Manufacturing:
 Increase process visibility and performance
 Improve your plan-to-produce process with SAP software for manufacturing operations. Execute batch-managed materials precisely with continuous, in-process control. Gain details on batch lifecycles and quantities with built-in reports, enabling product traceability. Enable production operators to better meet quality standards by using receipts and process instructions. Enhance decision making with automated transfer of production results and real-time updates on performance.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Production Planning
 Production Scheduling
 Production Warehouse
 Discrete Manufacturing Orchestration and Execution
 Enterprise Performance Management
 Lean Manufacturing
 Quality Management and Compliance

6. Marketing:

• Overview:
 Engage in the moment with our digital marketing solutions
 Improve customer engagement at every stage of the sales cycle – with new and innovative digital marketing software from SAP. Our cloud and on-premise solutions support everything from social, e-mail, and content marketing to marketing automation and advanced analytics. Understand the real-time intent of each customer, and dynamically deliver personalized and relevant omni-channel experiences.

• Market with Speed and Agility:
 React quickly to market opportunities with marketing automation and integrated operations
 Increase collaboration with internal and external teams through marketing automation that speeds operations and streamlines asset deployment and development. Gain transparency and access to real-time data to make insight driven decisions optimizing marketing strategies to drive greater demand and growth.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Marketing Planning and Budgeting
 Campaign Management and Optimization
 Digital Asset Management
 Marketing Collaboration
 Marketing Lead Management
 Insights and Performance Management

• Unique Customer Experience:
 Deliver In-Moment Customer Experiences
 Create in-the-moment customer experiences and individualized marketing across channels
 Engage customers in the right moments. Understand the customer’s context, intents and motivations to make relevant and timely offers and messages that fulfills the customer’s wants and needs. Engage seamlessly through personalized interactions across Web, call center, storefront, mobile, or social media channels.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Omnichannel Customer Experience
 Marketing Recommendations
 Digital Advertising
 Remarketing
 Cross-Channel Engagement
 Loyalty

• Real-Time Customer Insights:
 Gain Real-Time Customer Insights
 Dynamically capture and enrich customer profiles across all sources, gaining insights into customer’s real-time intents
 Leverage a single consolidated view of customer profiles with advanced analytics and visualization techniques to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and their true intent at the moment of engagement.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Marketing Profile
 Real-time Predictions and Scoring
 Audience Targeting and Segmentation
 Insights and Performance Management
 Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis

7. R&D / Engineering:

• Overview:
 Deliver connected products faster with our PLM and R&D software
 Be first to market with new or enhanced products – without sacrificing quality – using SAP software to support your Research and Development (R&D) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) initiatives. Connect your product strategy with your company strategy, build compliance and IoT specifications into your products, enhance project and portfolio management (PPM) – and ultimately increase your revenues.

• Product and Project Insights:
 Stimulate innovative, collaborative design through a design information network
 Give engineering teams the flexibility and visibility they need to collaborate across the extended supply network with SAP software. Tap into extensive data management, visualization, and change management capabilities to smoothly launch innovative, high-quality products or react quickly to issues.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Sense and Respond to Design Insights
 Design and Project Networks
 Compliant Product Network

• Complaint Product Lifecycle Management:
 Collaborate across silos and integrate product development to get to market first with innovative, compliant products
 Develop new products quickly and go to market faster than your competitors with SAP software that integrates product development processes across functional silos and locations. Collaborate effectively across functions, streamline the ramp-up process, and develop products that comply with regulations. With visibility into product costs, you can continuously reduce those costs, protecting revenue margins while you develop innovative products that preserve brand value.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Product Development
 Recipe Development
 Authoring Tool Integration
 Product Costing
 Handover to Manufacturing
 Model Based Enterprise
 Product Marketability and Chemical Compliance
 Safety Data Sheet and Label Management
 Dangerous Goods Management
 Source Assignment

• Project and Portfolio Management:
 Develop new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions
 Apply a value-driven approach to developing innovative products and services with project and portfolio management solutions from SAP. Align product manufacturing strategy and development, streamline development processes, manage production costs, and simplify operational complexity. Respond quickly to customer inquiries, coordinate resources across a project’s lifecycle, and use performance metrics to make informed decisions for strategically optimizing product innovation investments.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Idea Management
 Portfolio Management
 Project Management
 Resource Management
 Project Management

8. Sales:

• Overview:
 Sell Smarter, Anytime, Anywhere, with our advanced CRM Sales solutions
 Leverage advanced insight and engagement capabilities, as well as core sales force automation functions to go beyond traditional CRM. Give your salespeople the edge they need to accelerate productivity and sales performance, gain the insights they need to make quick business decisions, have 360 view of their customer and go from quote to cash effortlessly. Your sales teams will sell smarter everywhere – in the office, on the road, and even when they are offline.
• Sales Force Automation:
 Make each sales interaction count by connecting sellers and customers with the right content, insight, and experts
 Empower your salespeople to harness collective intelligence and best practices by collaborating across functions and departments. Give them the insight to understand customer needs and deliver flawless sales experiences that exceed expectations every time. With SAP software, you can provide the collaborative sales force automation tools that enable social collaboration, deep customer insight, relevant recommendations throughout the buying process, and visibility across the sales cycle.
 Solution capabilities:
 Lead Management
 Account and Contact Management
 Opportunity and Pipeline Management
 Customer Activity and Visit Planning
 Sales Intelligence
 Customer Performance Intelligence
 Mobile Sales
 Sales Collaboration
 Partner Channel Management
 Retail Execution
 Sales Analytics

• Sales Performance Management:
 Turn sales strategy into action to engage customers like never before, drive revenue, and exceed goals and objectives
 Optimize sales channel strategies, target customers with relevant and timely offers, and speed the conversion of the pipeline into revenue. With a flexible, intelligent, and predictive system for sales performance management, your organization can segment customers, use resources to their fullest potential, analyze performance in real time, and identify potential pipeline issues to help eliminate end-of-quarter surprises.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Sales Planning and Monitoring
 Sales Analytics
 Onboarding and Training
 Sales Collaboration
 Territory Management
 Incentive and Commission Management
 Retail Execution

9. Service:

• Overview:
 Deliver effortless customer service
 Provide consistent and engaging customer service across all channels – and wow digitally connected consumers – with SAP Hybris software. Give your call center and help desk agents a complete view of customers, including social media activity, so they can quickly solve problems and win loyalty. And empower field service technicians with the mobile tools and technology they need to excel.

• Filed Service Management:
 Support field service from every angle with optimized workforce scheduling and mobile apps
 Enable and manage comprehensive field service processes, including call taking, service order planning, resource scheduling, on-site service execution, and billing – all with field service management software from SAP. Automate your processes and leverage optimized scheduling functions to make the best use of your resources and meet service-level agreements. Offer your field engineers mobile access to information to increase productivity and data quality.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Service Request Management
 Resource Scheduling and Dispatch
 Mobile Service Execution
 Machine-to-Machine Automated Ticketing
 Customer Service Analytics
 Service Collaboration
 Service Contract Management
 Visual knowledge Support
 Knowledge Management
 Billing and Payment Management
• Omnichannel Customer Service:
 Give service reps a full view of customers across all channels, and enable real-time collaboration to solve complex cases
 Rely on comprehensive omnichannel customer service – achieved with SAP Hybris software – so your company can meet the expectations of its most demanding customers. Improve customer satisfaction and strengthen loyalty to make your entire organization more competitive. Enable contact center channels through phone, e-mail, chat, and SMS, while empowering agents to streamline processes and provide multichannel service excellence.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Machine-to-machine Automated System
 Self-service Support Portal
 Social Customer Engagement
 Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis
 Mobile Service Execution
 Service Request Management
 Knowledge Management
 Service Collaboration
 Customer Service Analytics
 Inbound/Outbound Contact Centers

• Transparent Service Process and operation:
 Access real-time views of customer feedback and boost productivity by collaborating with mobile connectivity
 Achieve comprehensive and optimized service processes in a single workspace thanks to SAP Hybris software for transparent service operations. See how such service processes can result in higher first-time resolution rates. Enable your service professionals to collaborate, access needed data, and transact in real time – in person or on mobile devices. Align marketing, sales, and backend processes to help ensure that revenue opportunity is seized with every interaction.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Order Management and Processing
 Service Contract Management
 Returns Management
 Complaints Management
 Collaborative Selling
 Service Marketing
 In-house Repair Management

10. Sourcing and Procurement:

• Overview:
 Maximize savings with our sourcing and procurement software
 Want to quintuple your profits? New research shows that shifting your focus from revenue growth to procurement savings can make it happen. Here’s where our strategic sourcing and procurement software comes in. Our solutions cover everything from e-procurement to spend analysis – and can help you deliver repeatable cost savings while improving quality and compliance.

• Contingent Workforce Management:
 Cut costs, enforce compliance, and improve quality and efficiency
 Drive business growth and gain competitive advantage by getting the most out of your contingent workers with solutions for vendor management from SAP. Streamline former manual processes, identify the best suppliers, and automate the entire process of procuring and managing temporary and contract labor. With total visibility into your workforce, you can automatically enforce contract compliance to reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve quality, and increase operational efficiency.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Job Requisition Distribution
 Worker Review and Selection
 Supplier Contracts
 Worker Onboarding, Management and Evaluation
 Time and Expense Invoicing

• Direct Procurement:
 Improve operational efficiency and source determination for direct materials
 Solutions from SAP and Ariba, an SAP company, standardize and automate processes for planned materials, including daily requisitioning, spot sourcing, contract releases, and purchaser-order creation. Plan-driven procurement allows customers to bring more diverse spend under management for better contract compliance, increased cost savings, and better visibility for strategic sourcing. Buyers can negotiate for and capture significant savings during sourcing and contract cycles.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Material Requirements Planning
 Collaborative Supply Chain
 Requirements Processing
 Purchase Order Processing
 Invoice Management

• Self-service Procurement:
 Intuitive and familiar user interface for employees to purchase the goods and services they need
 Solutions from Ariba, an SAP company, deliver employee self-services to simplify purchasing. An intuitive user interface and user-friendly catalog let users purchase goods and services more easily. Through catalog-driven pricing, contract logic, and an approval workflow, the procurement function can automate and tightly control the purchasing process. As a result, procurement organizations can enforce purchasing strategies and contract compliance and streamline the purchasing process.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Procurement Catalog and Content Management
 Purchasing Document Approval Flows
 Purchasing Document Creation
 Invoice Management

• Services Procurement:
 Manage spend, match resources with needs, and improve process efficiency
 Streamline vendor selection, sourcing negotiation, performance measurement, and invoicing with solutions for services procurement with the SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS). Simplify programs that involve statements of work, independent contractors, and outsourcing. Identify preferred vendors, control maverick spending, track schedules and deliverables, and leverage in-depth benchmark reporting.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Service Provider Sourcing
 Service Provider Collaboration and Contracts
 Service Management and Evaluation
 Service Invoice and Approval Management

• Collaborative Sourcing and Contract Management:
 Reduce risk and cost through increased savings opportunities, sourcing efficiency, and contract and supplier compliance
 Manage your entire analyze-to-contract process with an integrated suite of cloud-based strategic sourcing and supplier management solutions from Ariba, an SAP company. Operational Contract Management and Source Assignment will be provided by SAP S/4HANA. Use these solutions to provide a best-in-class platform for driving significant sourcing savings, effectively managing contracts, and collaborating more efficiently with suppliers – all while helping ensure compliance.
 Solution capabilities:
 Creation and Supplier Collaboration
 Category Management, Projects, Workflow
 Sourcing
 BOM, Workflow, and Syndication
 Operational Contract Management
 Source Assignments

11. Supply Chain:

• Overview:
 Run a real-time supply chain with our SCM software
 Meet rising customer expectations, run increasingly complex supply networks, and achieve faster-than-fast responsiveness – with supply chain management (SCM) software from SAP. Our solutions cover everything from demand planning to inventory management – and use technologies such as the Internet of Things, RFID, and advanced analytics to help you run a real-time supply chain.

• Demand Management:
 Manage and analyze demand streams to feed operational planning and drive greater productivity and customer satisfaction
 Match supply more closely with demand using SAP software for demand management to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction levels. Collect internal and external demand streams, analyze their input, and use the resulting insight to create rational demand plans and update them as needed. Integrate internal and external demand data across sales and supply functions as a foundation for trade promotion activities and other means of demand shaping.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Promotion Planning and Optimization
 Demand Planning
 Multilevel Replenishment
 Service Parts Planning

• Demand Insights:
 Empower your supply chain, sales, and marketing with real-time demand network visibility
 Support supply chain, sales, and marketing professionals with insightful and actionable analytics throughout their demand network using SAP software. Use a single source of real-time, high-fidelity, and granular demand signals to facilitate profitable demand response.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Sense and Respond to Demand Insights
 Demand Sensing
 Connected Goods
• Logistics Network:
 Connect and collaborate with your logistics network to maximize the distribution strategy and comply with regulations
 Maximize your distribution strategy and increase transparency across your logistics network. SAP solutions can help you:
 Investigate rates and negotiate the best freight contracts
 Connect all participants of the logistics network
 Track shipments, assets, and serialized items
 Increase throughput of goods
 Make better use of transportation assets
 Solution capabilities:
 Sense and respond to Logistics Insights
 Item Serialization and Product Traceability
 Yard and Hub Logistics

• Response Orchestration:
 Integrate order planning, scheduling, promising, and execution through response orchestration
 Meet delivery commitments on time – every time – with streamlined response orchestration. Gain visibility into inventory, capacity, and product data by integrating order planning, scheduling, promising, and execution in real time. This helps you optimize inventory management and production planning, so you can quickly and accurately respond to new demands.
 Solution capabilities:
 Constraint Based Production Planning
 Production Scheduling
 Advanced Order Promising / ATP

• Supply Networks:
 Manage, control, and respond to changing conditions through supply chain collaboration with supply networks solutions
 Reduce planning cycle times and inventory levels and increase service quality with supply networks solutions from SAP. With SAP software and supply chain collaboration you can:
 Connect with suppliers, customers, and outsourced manufacturers across a multitiered supply network
 Collaborate across supply, demand, and inventory replenishment processes
 Manage quality and outsourced manufacturing
 Control inventory and replenishment processes and proactively react on supply shortages
 Solution capabilities:
 Collaborative Planning
 Collaborative Supply Network
 Demand and Supply Collaboration
 Sense and Respond to Supply Insights

• Response and Supply Planning:
 Align planning and execution in real time
 Operate a global supply chain in a world of volatile demand and complex supply networks – with flexibility and speed – with SAP solutions. Match supply to demand across your network quickly for responsive planning and what-if analysis. Perform allocation management, order promising, replenishment, deployment, and manufacturing network planning. Our solutions facilitate faster response, increased revenue, improved delivery, and faster inventory turns.
 Solution capabilities:
 Response Planning and Allocation Management
 Replenishment and Deployment Planning
 Manufacturing Supply Network Planning

• Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning:
 Anticipate change and make necessary adjustments to mitigate risks and seize new opportunities
 Integrate sales, inventory, and operations processes to facilitate collaborative decision making across the enterprise. With sales inventory and operations planning solutions from SAP, your organization can balance demand and supply profitably and pursue optimal product availability. In turn, inventory and working capital are significantly reduced, service levels are optimized, and profitability and customer service are improved.
 Solution Management:
 Product Review
 Demand Review
 Supply Review
 Demand, Supply, and Finance Alignment
 Management Review and Analysis
 Service-Level determination
 Inventory Optimization

• Transport Management:
 Reduce costs and improve service with streamlined transportation management processes
 Support the complete transportation management lifecycle for both domestic and international freight with SAP software. Manage transportation requirements for planning, optimizing, tendering, and settling freight. Book carriers, forward orders, and comply with international trade and hazardous goods requirements. Manage procurement, sales distribution, and replenishment of goods. Improve asset usage and customer satisfaction, and reduce operational and transportation management costs.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Transportation Requirements Management
 Freight Planning and Optimization
 Freight Tendering
 Carrier Booking
 Freight Order Forwarding and Settlement
 Transportation Execution and Monitoring
 Strategic Freight Management
 Basic Shipping

• Warehouse Management:
 Improve planning and optimization of warehouse operations
 Automate warehouse and distribution operations such as inbound and outbound processes, storage, and inventory management and distribution. With warehouse management solutions from SAP, your operations can better optimize resources and assets, support on-demand and planned cross-docking, and manage the workforce. Greater control over warehouse operations empower warehouse managers to improve asset utilization, increase throughput, and help ensure on-time and accurate order fulfillment.
 Solution Capabilities:
 Extended Warehouse Management
 Dock Appointment Scheduling
 Goods Receipt
 Goods Issue
 Mobile Inventory Management
 Basic Warehouse Management

12. Sustainability:

• Overview:
 Grow brand value with sustainability management and EHS
 Safeguard your people, products, and assets with sustainability management and environment, health, and safety (EHS) software from SAP. Our solutions can help you boost profitability with reduced energy consumption, improved product safety and stewardship, and safer workplaces. Protect your brand and reduce risk – while enhancing your business sustainability initiatives.

• Environment, Health and Safety:
 Comprehensive Environment, Health, and Safety Solutions
 Help ensure safety and business continuity by reducing environment, health, and safety risks
 Mitigate environment, health, and safety risks by performing thorough risk assessments, measuring and reporting emissions, designing effective controls, and communicating safe work practices. By testing these controls, capturing incidents, and learning from events, your organization can support intelligent change and continuous improvement.
 Solution capabilities:
 Incident Management
 Health and Safety Management
 Environ Management
 Management of Change
 Maintenance Safety and Permit to Work

• Product Safety and Stewardship Network:
 Manage global product safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle
 Enforce compliance at each step of the product lifecycle with product safety and stewardship network solutions from SAP. Manage regulations and collect compliance information from customers and suppliers. Track registrations and substance volumes, classify products, and create safety data sheets. Label hazardous materials properly and package, transport, and store them safely. And achieve big results – like lower costs, improved product marketability, and greater supply chain continuity.
 Solution capabilities:
 Product Compliance for Discrete Industries
 Product and Chemical Compliance for Process Industries
 Safety Data Sheet Management
 Dangerous Goods Management
 Global Label Management

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