SAP GRC 10.0 Access Control

SAP GRC 10.0 Access Control

  • Overview of GRC
  • Difference between GRC 5.3 and GRC 10.o
  • Access Control 10.o introduction
  • Access Control 10.o Landscape
  • Explain Segregation of Duties (SOD)
  • Risk Remediation Overview
  • The GRC Architecture
  • GRC Components ( ARA, EAM, ARM, BRM)
  • GRC 10.0 Post Installation Steps


GRC 10.o Post Installation Steps:

  • Client Activation
  • Activate Services in SICF
  • Activate BC sets
  • Connecter Creation
  • Common Component Settings
  • Post installation steps for General Workflow
  • Perform Task Specific Customizing
  • Maintain Configuration Settings
  • Maintain Connector Settings for Access Control
  • Schedule the back ground jobs for Sod Rules.


ARA (Access Risk Analysis):

  • Configuration and maintaining the Rule Set
  • Analyse and manage Risk
  • Maintain a Critical Access Rule
  • Role level Simulation
  • User level Simulation
  • Mitigation Risk

EAM (Emergency Access Management)

  • Emergency Access Management Configuration
  • Maintain Reason codes
  • Maintain Owners and Controllers in central Owner Maintenance
  • Assign Owner to Firefighter IDs
  • Assign Controllers to Firefighter IDs
  • Assign Firefighter users to Firefighter IDs
  • Monitoring Emergency access
  • Review a log Report

ARM (Access Request Management)

  • MSMP Workflow
  • Business Rules Framework
  • Customize Workflow
  • Settings Specific to provisioning and managing users
  • Create an Access Request.


BRM (Business Role Management)

  • Configure Business role Managements
  • Role-Specific Configuration options
  • Configuring role methodology
  • Settings for condition Group
  • Maintain role owners for role management
  • Create a single role


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