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Government spending now represents about 20 percent of the $60 trillion total global economy. Bain works with national and regional governments, city municipalities, quasi-government agencies such as development funds and trade associations as well as government-owned companies to realize their economic and social goals.


The public sector’s influence comes directly, through government entities, state-owned enterprises and institutional funding, as well as indirectly, through regulation and oversight. The sector is facing major challenges, such as rising costs, growing deficits, shifting centers of economic activity, a burgeoning war for talent and increasingly demanding customers.

Recently, the use of stimulus funds and regulatory reform has further blurred the lines between public and private entities.

Cozy Consulting serves the public sector through two separate but related practices. The Government Contracts group assists businesses through all phases of public sector contracting, including complying with government regulations, efficiently managing government business, and controlling the dispute process through risk avoidance, alternative dispute resolution procedures and litigation support. The Public Sector Solutions group delivers a comprehensive suite of public sector services including Financial and Performance Improvement; Risk Management & Forensic Consulting; Economic & Public Policy; Technology & Data Analytics; and Strategic Communications.

Our experience serving public sector clients encompasses the following areas, to name a few:

  • Economic development and sector strategies
  • Privatization
  • Change management
  • Cost and quality service improvements
  • Organizational design
  • IT infrastructure


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