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Dubai 10X – Thinking 10 Years Ahead

The future belongs to those who affect radical changes, not those who make minor, gradual improvements. The future will not be as patient with us as the present

With the launch of the Dubai Future Foundation & Dubai 10X initiative, Dubai has set it’s vision to be the largest laboratory for future government experiences in the world.

Launched in early 2017, Dubai 10X aims to put the city ahead of other world cities in terms on innovation, implementation and channelization of UAE’s vision to be the center of disruptive innovation for meeting the future needs of the society.

Quoting their website:

Disruptive innovation refers to exploiting available technologies to deliver new or existing services in radically different ways that are design-thinking-based and customer-focused, in contrast to incremental innovation, which focuses on making good services better for existing customers. Instead, disruptive innovation will create new operating and business models that replace traditional services and provide multiple times the value for end users and customers

With initiatives like Dubai Accelerators, Dubai Fintech Hive, businesses in the UAE already have access to best-in-class advisory, technical and government resources.

Now, these very same Government units are going to be transformed by embracing Disruptive Innovation as the fundamental mantra of their operation. Seeking out of box solutions to their problems and using innovation for their service delivery.

Putting aside X units for experimentation, Innovation Through Experimentation, Co-opetition or partnering with disruptive companies, are all fundamental tenets of delivering a dynamic yet world class value proposition to your customers. Now these very same Digital Industry terms finds it’s way into Dubai Government.

The results are going to be astounding.

Dr. Noah Raford, COO – Dubai Future Foundation, has very well put things in perspective with his Keynote address at World Blockchain Forum, held recently. You can view it through this youtube link:

You can also keep up with the latest in Dubai 10X by visiting their Website and by following their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.


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